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Winning Benefits: Cannabis & Sports

Until recently, cannabis was banned in almost all sports. Heartbreaking stories of hard-working athletes forbidden from competing and even jailed for cannabis use has become an eye-opening concern. Thankfully, new research about the benefits of cannabis for recovery and wellness is the Hail Mary athletes (and sports fans) across the country deserve.

As science has revealed promising antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties in CBD, cannabis has been increasingly embraced in the sports community, including official organizations. In 2017, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) made a landmark decision regarding the use of CBD for athletes: cannabidiol would no longer be prohibited starting in 2018. This opened the doors for athletes to take advantage of the benefits of CBD. While THC remains officially banned in most professional sports, pure CBD products contain only trace amounts of THC, allowing athletes to make use of CBD while following currrent rules.

The NFL has also started to take note of the good that cannabis can do for its players. This year, the NFL awarded $1 million to a study that is researching the impact of cannabis and CBD on pain management and neuroprotection. This is a promising step forward, as CBD has the potential to be an alternative to prescription opioids in pain treatment. One NFL player who has been outspoken on the positive effects of CBD is none other than Robert “Gronk” Gronkowski, three-time Super Bowl champion.

After first retiring in 2019 due to several repeated injuries, Gronk still found himself in incredible pain. His dad offered him a CBD cream and he instantly felt the relief he had been looking for. Soon after, he partnered with Abacus Health Products, a full-spectrum hemp and CBD company, and returned to the game in 2020.

We may not all be Super Bowl Champions, but sports recovery doesn’t discriminate. Whether you’re a Yin yogi or training for a triathlon, healing your body can be easy (and natural).


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