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Host a Wine Tasting at Home

Understanding wine is more than red versus white or sweet versus spicy. Produced from varying climates and regions around the world, wine is diverse in flavor and notes. There’s no better way to get immersed and develop your wine palate than to treat yourself to a wine tasting. Better yet – elevate your wine knowledge in the comfort of your own home, among close friends.

4 Tips For Wine Tasting – DIY Style

  1. Every good party starts with a theme – With so many wines (and so little time), picking a theme can help narrow down your shopping list and create a focus for the group. You can’t go wrong with these categories:

    1. Region

    2. Price Point

    3. Style or Varietal

  2. Let them eat brie – Thoughtful food pairings heighten the flavor and notes of wine (and vice versa). Unless Martha Stewart attends, there’s no need to bake a pie from scratch. Light bites, cheese boards, and appetizers do the trick!

    1. The Wine Tasting Party Menu You Need for Perfect Pairings

  3. Stock Up – Make an impression by paying attention to the small details. According to experts at The Kitchn, here are the necessary supplies for any wine tasting soiree:

    1. Glassware – Allotting one glass per person is absolutely fine; however, if possible, I would suggest having two glasses per person, to better taste and compare wines simultaneously.

    2. Palate Cleansers – Set out plenty of water crackers or a simple bread for palate cleansers.

    3. Spit Buckets – Allow your guests the opportunity to get rid of unwanted wine.

    4. Water

    5. Documentation – Provide pens and paper for taking wine notes or print out this handy tasting grid.

    6. White Background & Clear Glassware – Color is an important aspect when comparing wines, so avoid tinted glassware, provide optimal lighting, and provide a white background. Rolls of white craft paper is an inexpensive solution.

  4. Set The Mood – Music has the power to create an inviting space that highlights the mood, not overwhelms. Try one of our go-to playlists on Spotify:

    1. Music for Summer Wines

    2. 2018 Rosé of Cabernet Sauvignon

    3. 2018 Tarpon Cellars Sauvignon Blanc

    4. Feel Good Dinner

If a party of 2 is more your style, let VINEBOX do the curating for you. Check out their small tasting boxes for your next date night indoors.


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