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Getting Started: Your Spirits Journey

Let’s talk spirits. No – not spirit fingers, but close! We’re talking alcoholic spirits – whiskey, rum, gin, mezcal, vodka. The whole gamut. At Elevations Nation, we believe your bar knowledge should be as well-versed as the drink menus are long.

Learn about distilling history, how to differentiate a Kentucky bourbon from a whiskey, how to stock a bar, and liquor lingo via educational blogs and in-person tasting experiences. Through the Elevations Nation community, you will connect with fellow enthusiasts and discover crafty new cocktail recipes, and curated culinary pairings.

Are you an experienced tequila tastemaker looking to explore other spirits, or a wine drinker new to the world of liquor? Our experts are here to enlighten and educate. To get started, here is a list of our favorite spirit-forward experiences:


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