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Cannabis on Tap

Are cannabis lounges the new bars?

Friday nights are getting a much-needed makeover. In recent years, cannabis lounges are becoming the new norm and we’re here for it.

Popping up in cities across the country, cannabis lounges and cafes are social spaces for enthusiasts and newcomers to gather and enjoy cannabis. The same good vibes as your favorite dive or local coffee shop – only this time swap the Whiskey Sour for a hybrid pre-roll, infused drink, or tasty edible.

Aside from the benefit of a sophisticated space to smoke, consume, and listen to live music, cannabis lounges are opening doors for the cannabis industry as a whole.

While cannabis is legal in 19 states, it is still illegal in most of these states to consume it publicly. Cannabis consumption establishments create safe, legal places for people of all curiosities to learn and discover various forms of flower and canna products. This Rolling Stone piece also describes the destigmatizing benefits of such establishments, “When more people are allowed to smoke in the public eye, it reduces the “shock value” from previous salacious narratives. It also opens doors for the canna-curious who might be too intimidated to visit a dispensary on their own.”

So – the next time you find yourself sneaking into some clandestine space for discreet puffs, consider planning a trip to a cannabis-friendly lounge near you. For our friends located in AZ, meet us at the Elevations Lounge located inside the historic Clarendon Hotel & Spa.


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