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Cannabis: For You (& Your Neighbor)

Cannabis — it’s that potent flower that stoners smoke out of 4-foot bongs before scarfing down a Taco Bell chalupa, right? That would be spot on if we were in a 90s coming of age film. But today, science has proven its much more than munchies and blunts. We now know cannabis as the inclusive craze that Pilates wishes she was.

From cut flower to capsules, discrete edibles to cooking with canna-butter, THC drinks to CBD dog treats — cannabis comes in forms fit for just about any situation or being. For your friend Phoebe who lightens up the mood with orange wine and lavish charcuterie boards. For your “guncle” Harry who wouldn’t know how to lose a game of film trivia even if he tried. And yes, even for your soccer mom neighbor Leslie who seems to run on dry shampoo and Dutch Bros. Cannabis isn’t new, but how people across the country are enjoying it is evolving and Elevations Nation is here educate you along the way.

Getting to know cannabis – how can Elevations Nation be your guide?

Whether you’re new to a cannabis-friendly lifestyle or looking for ways to explore all it has to offer, we invite you to celebrate and experience with us along the way. Through the Elevations Nation social community, we will highlight emerging research, partner with experts and inclusive companies, and share exciting venues near you.

Still curious about cannabis and what it is (or isn’t)? We have you covered. Click here to learn more.


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