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Cannabis Etiquette 101: How to Enjoy Your Favorite Strains on Vacation

Cannabis on a rooftop

If you're a cannabis lover, you've likely had to deal with the difficulties of smoking weed in a hotel room. For newbies, indulging on vacation might be a foreign concept, and you're probably wondering if it's even legal to smoke in your hotel room.

Incorporating cannabis into your vacation is not as taboo as it once was. Now that more states allow recreational use, you can finally ditch the sneaky smoke session. Experience the canna-cations you've always wanted. Read more for tips on good cannabis etiquette during your hotel stay.

Can You Smoke Weed in a Hotel Room?

So you're wondering whether you can smoke weed in a hotel room. The answer is more than a simple yes or no, depending on where you travel. Countries, states, and cities have different laws regarding cannabis, so consider this before you book your stay.

Recreational cannabis use is still illegal in many places, and even with a medical marijuana card, finding a place to puff in peace could be difficult. In some states, it's legal to consume cannabis on your property and even in public, and other states have stricter laws that prohibit cannabis use anywhere but private residences.

Hotels also have specific rules regarding guest smoking in their rooms, which might not be an issue if traveling to a 420-friendly destination. Next, we'll provide tips to help you navigate cannabis consumption on your next vacation!

Do Your Research Ahead of Time

While you may be tempted to spark up in secret, it's essential to research the hotel ahead of time. While many states like Arizona and Nevada have legalized cannabis to some degree, finding cannabis-friendly accommodations may still be tricky.

If you want to ensure your stay will go smoothly, but smoking is not allowed, it's best not to smoke in the hotel. Instead, try looking for consumption lounges or opt for a cannabis-friendly hotel.

The Clarendon Hotel

The Clarendon Hotel and Spa is the perfect place to experience the vibrant culture in the heart of Phoenix. A calendar of Canna-friendly events are regularly held on the SkyDeck and poolside. For those looking to enhance their experience with a pre-roll or bowl, The Clarendon offers cannabis-friendly rooms where guests can enjoy their favorite products in peace and comfort.

You can also explore the Elevations Lounge, a safe and stylish space for cannabis enthusiasts to discover curated products, wind down, and recharge. In the lounge, guests can rent smoking devices to enjoy their buds without bringing their own accessories. Vapes are allowed in outdoor smoking areas, but smoking products must stay indoors, while tobacco use is prohibited in all rooms.

The Lexi Las Vegas

The Lexi Elevations Hotels and Resorts is a brand-new 64-room hotel just off the strip in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the first in Las Vegas to offer cannabis-friendly hospitality. The Lexi is a sophisticated and inviting space featuring thoughtfully appointed guest rooms and suites, including an entire fourth floor dedicated to cannabis-friendly spaces. Guests can breathe easily, knowing each room has state-of-the-art RestorAir filtration.

The Lexi is the perfect destination for cannabis-friendly travelers looking to explore the exciting and ever-changing culture of Las Vegas. From velvety banquettes, poolside vignettes, and well-dressed venues, The Lexi invites you to cut loose from the status quo.

Hotel Policies

Though cannabis-friendly hotels will allow you to smoke, you'll want to follow their policies. Some properties may provide designated areas to consume cannabis, like smoking lounges, but may prohibit use in hallways and outdoor areas.

Familiarize yourself with the hotel's rules, and be mindful of the people around you. You'll want to be especially careful in smoking lounges. It's best to learn lounge policies on snapping photos and posting on social media.

Pack Your Documents

When traveling with cannabis, bringing the proper documents is essential. Depending on the state and local laws, these items may include a valid ID, medical marijuana card (if applicable), or other proof of residency. Keeping these items on hand throughout your stay will allow you to indulge with little interference.

Checking with the hotel before bringing cannabis-related products onto their property is essential. Their policies may restrict the type of product allowed in their rooms and the amount you can carry. So, during travel, keep all cannabis products in an odor-proof concealed container.

For those looking to purchase cannabis while on vacation, several options are available. Weedmaps is a trusted partner of Elevations Nations and is always helpful when looking to find your favorite flower.

Practicing good cannabis etiquette is an essential part of any cannabis-related gathering. Whether it's a cooking class, festival, or workshop, respecting those around you is important. Take the time to understand what's expected of you and closely follow hotel and lounge policies. Be respectful of your fellow canna lovers and keep the environment safe and comfortable for all to enjoy.


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