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Beyond Brownies

Cannabis infused drinks and eats are taking over the culinary space. And for good reason. Equally delicious and mood boosting, cannabis treats make adulting more... fetch. (Yes, we’re still trying to make fetch happen.)

While brownies will always be a cannabis staple, infused treats are evolving into elegant delicacies widely enjoyed and easily crafted by many. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or simply looking to get creative in the kitchen, we’re sharing our favorite tips and recipes for canna cooking.

Tips & Tricks

The key to delicious canna-infused recipes is to first, make or buy a cannabis infusion (like CBD oil) and add it to a recipe. For instance, simply adding flower to a cookie recipe will not only result in a bad taste, but incorrect dosing as well. Fun fact: Did you know marijuana must be heated to release THC? So, if you’re making your own cannabis infusion such as canna butter or canna honey, you must first decarb your flower.

Proper dosing is also a must. Your tolerance level and cannabis quality both factor into the potency of cannabis edibles. To help you identify the potency of your homemade infusions, Cannabis Spatula offers a free Dosage Calculator.

Easy Recipes These infused recipes are easy to make for one or a crowd. But wait! Don’t forget consent is great. Before serving a dinner party, clearly label your canna-dishes.






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