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The Chef

Hell's Kitchen alumni Chef Cody Candelario has partnered with Elevations Nation to deliver the elegance of fine dining with an elevated cannabis infused twist. Four courses, all of which will have the option to be infused with CBD, CBG, THC, or all three!


This talented Chef ranked 4th place while competing on season 19 of Hell's Kitchen. His passion for cooking continues in many forms, with a specific expertise in media content. Chef Cody now takes on bridging the gap between cannabis culture and culinary arts with a truly one of kind private dining experience.

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Tuna Crudo

The Menu

Seasonal Rotating Menus

First Course

Tuna Crudo

Fennel soubise, fennel salad finished with a salsa matcha


Second Course

Tomato & Cherries

Macerated tomatoes, tomato vinegar, grilled cherries garnished with a sunflower seed crumb


Main Course (choice of)

Slow Roasted & Glazed Short Rib, with Scallop Mousse


Poached Salmon, Finished with Burnt Citrus



Banana + Corn Cream Pie


Functional Euphoria

Our infusion options allow for each guest to sample "microservings" of cannabis infused dishes that will elevate your event at one of three chosen levels.


Choose between infusion with wellness cannabinoids such as CBD and CBG, a higher level experience with THC or a balanced combination of both. Speak with our culinary director for tailoring options. 

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Benefits of Infusion

Herbal infusions offer an easy method for consuming the oils and flavors from favorite herbs, and we all know that one of the best herbs out there is Cannabis!


In addition to adding a unique flavor profile to dishes and beverages, cannabis can truly elevate your culinary experience by enhancing the way your body responds to your dining experiences.